Vision, and Other Things We Hide From


by Samantha Terrell

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Poetry by Samantha L. Terrell has been described as “intellectual” and “searching.” In this collection, the reader will have an opportunity to explore along with Terrell, delving into delicate intricacies of emotion – “Pride is a fair-weather friend, │And houses of cards don’t keep out rain. │So wet, so cold, so vulnerable, we reach for an umbrella, │Only to find it, too, is flimsy.” – and making tender observations: “…slow trickle │Lines of sweat │On my chest, and forehead │Water my soul.”

In addition to emotional investigation, Terrell’s poetry probes the various complexities of societal issues. Her educational background in the field of Sociology becomes apparent in several pieces that address inequality and social unrest: “Take produce: │Grown in corporate fields, │The undoing of farming communities. │And, though they’re picked by disadvantaged poor, │Are too costly for the hungering masses to afford.”

Vision, and Other Things We Hide From invites the reader to muster the courage that matches their curiosity to look beneath the surface and confront what they find with honesty and compassion.

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