Lines at the Amusement Rides


by Eric Keegan

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Who doesn’t remember blistering summer days, sweat dripping down the back of your neck. The scent of cotton candy and corndogs dancing on the wonder of flashing lights and neon signs. Trapped in a seemingly never-ending linear congregation. Tingling with anticipation for the magic that awaits just beyond the entrance booth. So close yet so far away. Flaring frustration for your turn at the bloated ticket prices, wallet-draining games of chance, and nausea-inducing twists and twirls, ups and downs.

A day at the park. Family fun for all. Remember to smile.

Eric Keegan returns with a pint-sized collection of whimsical, situational poetry. His sardonic observations and humorous interpretations of life’s small and memorable moments will leave the reader reminiscing of and longing for a return to simpler times.

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