Bunnies – McHardy & Hawker

The latest short story from the sick, twisted minds of Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker is available now at godless.com . You won’t find any of these shorts on Amazon.

If you aren’t familiar with these two, they write the most brutal, extreme, satirical, non-politically correct splatterpunk that you can imagine (or can’t imagine). So, if you have a tendency to take things too seriously or are easily offended, their stories are probably not for you.

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Big dreams of a new life brought Demetri from Mother Russia to America. But instead of endless freedom and prosperity, he finds himself stuck with a whoring wife, a vegan feminist daughter, a disabled son who can’t keep his hands off his pecker, and a failing farm overrun with rabbits.

In desperation, he turns to Ed at the local farm supply store who offers him an “ancient Chinese secret” to alleviate his rabbit problem. However, as with everything else in Demetri’s life, things don’t work out quite as he had expected.

Hide your wives and daughters and pucker up your sphincter because the BUNNIES are coming!

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In honor of indie horror’s best friend, Brad Tierney, we offer this humble tribute of horror-trash-slasher-pron-filth-dripping, wanna touch yourself but know you shouldn’t but do it anyway, degrading, somehow feel-good, I can’t take it anymore but can’t stop reading, it’s turning purple, chest-pounding, lung-splitting, I’m crying . . . Ohh, muh back . . . Muh back . . . Good old-fashioned down-home-crazy, collection of lurid tales.

Featuring: Regina Watts, Daniel J. Volpe, Kevin Sweeney, B.J. Swann, The Professor, McHardy & Hawker, Zoltán Komor, Ryder Kinlay, Patrick C. Harrison III, M. Ennenbach, River Dixon, Peter Caffrey, Elizabeth Bedlam

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The Radiator Boy and The Holly Country – Release Day!

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They call him the Radiator Boy because he was raised by a steel-plate radiator. The product of a cruel father and indifferent mother, the boy is finally set free after many years of torture. Eager to see the world, he embarks on an adventure of self-discovery, determined to find the fabled “Christmas” he’s heard so much about.

Soon, he discovers the world is just as cruel and indifferent as the home he grew up in. Under the manipulative spell of the krampus ministers, the Radiator Boy finds himself embroiled in one destructive scandal after another until finally being elevated from his position as Prime Minister to that of a messiah—the ConvectorChrist.

Often misguided, but of pure heart, it’s up to the Radiator Boy to bring the warmth back to his people and restore hope in a world that’s been lost to a dark, eternal winter.

Come Looking – River Dixon

If you ever feel like looking

You can find me scattered

Across the plains, twisting

In the valleys, longing

Within the groves, endless

Pieces, here and there

Some settled, others still

Tumbling along, rambling

On the breeze, waiting for

The warmth of sunshine

To bear down upon me

Until the winter takes hold

Again, and buries me

In its cold embrace, left

To wait once more

For the sun, and maybe

The sound of your footsteps

As you, come looking

River Dixon’s latest poetry collection, Come Looking: and other poems, will be available December 10, 2021, in eBook and paperback.

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Release Day! Your What is a What??


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Christina is overweight and unhappy. Searching for momentary relief from the painful monotony of her existence, she finds herself browsing the wares at the local sex shop. It’s here that Christina happens upon the company of Terry, the spirit of a vicious serial killer trapped inside a giant purple dildo.

In exchange for naughty favors, Christina agrees to keep Terry supplied with fresh victims. Fueled by her insatiable lust, the two embark on a wild murder spree that quickly spirals out of control, culminating into a final, jaw-dropping climax revealing the true intention behind Terry’s selfish bloodlust.

Neil – Update!

Well, that didn’t last long. Amazon has banned the eBook. Luckily, there are alternatives to Amazon!

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Neil doesn’t have much going for him. Still living in his mother’s basement, spending all of his free time eating fried chicken, watching horror movies, and working a dead-end job wiping ass at the One Oak nursing home. That is until he receives a demonic gift from an ailing serial killer that transforms him into a monstrous, tentacle-armed behemoth.

With his newfound abilities, Neil embarks on a killing spree with the intention of becoming the most notorious serial killer of all time. Maybe then, he will win the heart of his work colleague, Lindsay. But Lindsay has some secrets of her own and may prove not to be the sweet, delicate girl he thinks she is.

This book contains graphic content and adult language. It may disturb some readers and should only be read by seasoned readers of extreme sexual horror and violence.

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Between A Spider’s Eyes Release Day!

What do you get when you take eight of the most prolific voices on the indie horror scene and barricade them in a cellar for one hundred and seventy-three days with little food or water but unlimited paper and three pens each?

Well, you get a lot of things, let me tell you. Most importantly, once you look beyond the gnawed fingertips, broken ankles, and buckets of feces, you find a collection of stories that in all its depraved glory promises to slowly peel away the almost-healed scabs of what you believed was finally an escape from the revulsion that greets you each morning with open arms. I have looked deep into the corners of what they have to offer, and it is truly disturbing, to say the least.

Now free, Beauregard, Bedlam, Dixon, Ennenbach, Havok, McHardy, Volpe, and Watts invite you to walk with them through levels of psychological terror and extreme horror, ending in a slow waltz with the macabre and bizarre, as they watch from a safe distance, arguing about what is the most efficient way to remove the brain stem from a partially decomposed Appalachian Freemason.

Available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover from Amazon.

Feasting Upon The Bones Release Day

Available now in eBook and paperback is the debut short story collection, Feasting Upon The Bones by Suzanne Craig-Whytock.

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Step into the world of the unexpected, where things aren’t always as they seem. From disturbing jigsaw puzzles and portentous stones to mysterious notebooks and ghostly encounters, Feasting Upon The Bones is a collection of twenty-seven short stories that delve into the themes of love and loss, revenge and retribution, and mortality and immortality. Told with imaginative flair, and the occasional touch of dark humor, this intriguing series of twisted tales has something for everyone. Time’s a-ticking, as Mr. Death would say, so open the cover and wander around.