A Declaration of Our Rippling Days by Eric Keegan

Potter’s Grove Press is happy to announce the release of – A Declaration of Our Rippling Days by Eric Keegan. Available in eBook and paperback.

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Our days roll onward like an oceanic tide, mirroring the ever-moving human element that defines precisely who we are. During the more trying moments, we feel as if we’re surging out to sea without a floatation device. When grandeur and enlightenment take a prominent position within our worlds, we drift back towards the shore and find relief in the wavering sands. A Declaration of Our Rippling Days is a poetry collection that will guide the reader through these ebbs and flows while taking them on a journey from furrowed emotional lows to breathtakingly inspired summits.

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Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy

Potter’s Grove Press is pleased to announce the release of Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy.

After a fried-chicken-fueled sex romp, Eddie embarks on a perverted odyssey. Murder, torture, geriatrics, bugs, and big, beautiful women all fail to satisfy until he meets the Maggot Mother—a nymphomaniac, cannibal, human-maggot hybrid with a sweet side. As the calories and corpses pile up, a beautiful cop with her own dark sexual perversions is hot on Eddie’s trail. What will be the end result when their depraved worlds finally collide?

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Lost in the Hours by River Dixon

Potter’s Grove Press is pleased to announce the release of River Dixon’s latest poetry collection, Lost in the Hours.

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Well, here we find ourselves again. A place most familiar. Some merely visit from time to time, some trapped, others blink in and out. We find the way, occasionally, from these things, but always manage to return. Ever-searching, endlessly, for the tiniest scrap of understanding. So many are tired. Many more would abandon the task if they could. It’s that rotted tooth, prodded with a swollen tongue. The splinter gone unseen, but felt against the tip of an arthritic finger, when brushed, ever so gently. It’s between then and now, here and there, the rise and the fall. Sometimes circular in its containment, other times void of any form or structure. The wondering, the needing, the wanting. Those seemingly insignificant moments that offer the possibility of tomorrow. In it, we find ourselves once again, and when we finally muster the courage to look around us, it is discovered that we are not alone.

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Live Reading with Cecilia Kennedy

The Places We Haunt: Live Reading on Facebook

Restless spirits with stories to tell lurk in the everyday spaces of The Places we Haunt—and now—they will be given a voice in a live Facebook reading. Join in on the fun as the author, Cecilia Kennedy, reads selections from her short story collection of dark tales. The live Facebook reading will take place Wednesday, October 21st at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time (8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time). The author will read at least 2-3 selections, depending on time. She is aiming for an hour-long reading but is willing to stay longer for participants who want to chat—or hear a few more stories read aloud.

How to attend:

Please RSVP by Monday, October 19th to ckennedyhola@gmail.com. You can join the reading even if you are not a member of Facebook. In the RSVP, include either your Facebook link (if you would like to connect through Facebook) or your email where the author can send a link. 

–Include a request for a story you want the author to read out loud from the collection, if you wish.

Since Facebook Rooms are limited to 50 people, the author will limit this reading to 49 participants. If there are more who would like to join, the author can schedule another reading for more participants on another day/time.

For more information about The Places We Haunt, or to buy a copy, please click on the following link: http://mybook.to/placeswehaunt

A New Jerusalem Release Day

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Potter’s Grove Press is happy to announce the release of the second book in Stephen Black’s critically acclaimed Irish, urban fantasy series, The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles.

Available in eBook and paperback

Fresh from defeating Colonel Augustus Skelly and his Napoleonic ghost soldiers on the bridge at Ardgallon, Kirkwood, and his misfit friends, Meredith Starc and Harley Davison, now face a new threat from Skelly and his demonic paymasters, the Scourge. When Skelly captures Harley and imprisons her on his hellish plane, Kirkwood and Meredith, aided by the mysterious Forsaken, face a desperate race to rescue her and reunite the Presence, the only force capable of stopping Skelly and the Scourge from destroying the planet.

Their journey takes them to Belfast 2099, where law and order have all but broken down, as rival street gangs fight a brutal turf war for control of the city. Chief amongst these is a mysterious cult led by a beautiful but brutal woman, known only as the Priestess, who seeks to establish a New Jerusalem on Earth. Kirkwood and Meredith struggle to stay one step ahead of her and her fanatical followers while struggling to unlock the key to defeating Skelly and saving Harley.

‘The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles: A New Jerusalem’ is the latest instalment in the supernatural fantasy series, which began with the highly acclaimed, ‘Skelly’s Square.’ Tackling hard-hitting themes such as addiction, mental illness, and disability against a supernatural backdrop, it guarantees the reader a frenetic and darkly humorous ride where nothing and nobody is quite as they seem.

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The Smell of Cedar Release Day!

Potter’s Grove Press is pleased to announce the release of River Dixon’s psychological horror novella, The Smell of Cedar. Available in eBook or paperback.

The Smell of Cedar

Sarah’s day was already off to a bad start when the arrival of a strange package from an unknown sender sent her spiraling into a state of paranoia. Memories of a tortured childhood in her grandmother’s care taunt her as she tries to piece together the events of the past few months—the events that have led up to this day. She’s convinced that a killer is coming for her, and it’s become a race against time and madness to figure out who is pulling the strings in this game of hunt or be hunted.