The Aristocrats Anthology

“THE ARISTOCRATS anthology may be THE most offensive anthology I have ever read.”

– Christina Pfeiffer (Co-host of Mothers of Mayhem Podcast. Reviewer for Uncomfortably Dark Horror.)

Get it from Amazon while you still can!

Your favorite classic authors tell their versions of the world’s filthiest joke!

This anthology is dedicated to the memory of Gilbert Gottfried, who brought the Aristocrats Joke out of the smoke-filled green rooms of comedy clubs and into the full illumination of public discourse. Royalties are going to Comedy Gives Back, our favorite charity for comics in need.

Featuring: Tom Bradley, KD Porch, M. Ennenbach, Dav Crabes, Regina Watts, Kevin Sweeney, Benzo Monroe, Gary Shipley, Sean Kilpatrick, Ben Arzate, and Justin Isis.

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