In honor of indie horror’s best friend, Brad Tierney, we offer this humble tribute of horror-trash-slasher-pron-filth-dripping, wanna touch yourself but know you shouldn’t but do it anyway, degrading, somehow feel-good, I can’t take it anymore but can’t stop reading, it’s turning purple, chest-pounding, lung-splitting, I’m crying . . . Ohh, muh back . . . Muh back . . . Good old-fashioned down-home-crazy, collection of lurid tales.

Featuring: Regina Watts, Daniel J. Volpe, Kevin Sweeney, B.J. Swann, The Professor, McHardy & Hawker, Zoltán Komor, Ryder Kinlay, Patrick C. Harrison III, M. Ennenbach, River Dixon, Peter Caffrey, Elizabeth Bedlam

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