Aussie Sickos by Simon McHardy

We’ve got another one from Simon McHardy this month. Aussie Sickos is available in eBook and paperback from Amazon.

Caleb Botha has idolized his murderous Uncle Red all his life. Now, in his twenties and with no prospects, he and his idiot brother, Sunny, decide they want to be infamous too. Together, they set off across the outback on a killing spree that Caleb hopes will rival even that of his legendary Uncle. If there is one thing Caleb has learned from the whispered tales of Uncle Red’s legacy, it is that there is more to killing than just the body count. To truly leave your mark and be remembered, each kill must be carried out in a manner more hilarious and sadistic than the last. The boys have their work cut out for them and are determined to make Uncle Red proud by taking up the mantle and becoming the next generation of true Aussie Sickos.

This book contains graphic content and adult language. It may disturb some readers and should only be read by seasoned readers of extreme sexual horror and violence.

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