Things My Mother Left Behind Available for Pre-order!

Potter’s Grove Press is happy to announce that Things My Mother Left Behind is available for pre-order. Release date is July 14 and the paperback version will be available on that date as well.

Things My Mother Left Behind is more than the poetic story of a woman’s experience with loss and her journey to blindness. It is the birth of an awakening; learning to see beyond the limitations we allow ourselves to become tethered to and defined by. In the author’s words, we find ourselves at the point where darkness and light converge, entwined by her search for meaning as she clings to the undeniable connection between pain and joy; grief and love. By delving into the center of sadness and addiction, we recognize a loss of innocence, the laying bare of what hides beneath the scattered bones of escapism. She will teach us that no matter how dark our days may be, there is always a light inside each of us that cannot be extinguished.

Here is a universal link to order from your regional Amazon marketplace.

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