Coming in February!

We are happy to announce the next release from Potter’s Grove Press.

Antiques & Curios: Fragments of a Love Affair

all that is left of many years of joy and sadness,

treasures, unearthed from memory, are washed-up

debris of life, their traces, these survivors, exposed after

decades of secrecy, stored deep-down, hidden from

prying eyes, a slow erosion, a dig in the crates will

reveal the mundane and the unique, both are worthy,

as the crude, clay pot is as precious to the archaeologist

as the gold ring, and nothing is more prized than the

knowledge that both oblige an intense curiosity,

because they exist

– s.r. jakobi

3 thoughts on “Coming in February!

  1. Hi Tara

    Thank you for the “awesome” comment – it’s very lovely of you. The collection is my first-time attempt at writing poetry, at least since I was about 11 years old. I am now an old man, and the poems look back over a period of thirty years.


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