Coming June 27, 2023!

It’s finally here. Book three of The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles!

Having survived the horrors of 2099 Belfast, Kirkwood Scott and his trusty friends, Meredith Starc and Harley Davison, are thrust into a terrifying new setting – war-torn Belgium on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo. Relentlessly pursued by Augustus Skelly and the brutal Company, Kirkwood and his friends fight to overcome natural and supernatural enemies in a desperate race to rewrite history and prevent Skelly and his evil masters, The Scourge, from plunging the world into a new Dark Age. However, their troubles are multiplied when a newly made enemy from the future tracks them down, intent on exacting a chilling revenge from which there will be no return.

‘The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles: No Longer Forsaken’ is the third installment in the supernatural fantasy series, following the critically acclaimed Skelly’s Square’ and ‘A New Jerusalem.’ Tackling hard-hitting themes including addiction, mental illness, and physical disability set against a supernatural backdrop, it guarantees the reader a frenetic and darkly humorous ride where nothing is quite what it seems.

The Aristocrats Anthology

“THE ARISTOCRATS anthology may be THE most offensive anthology I have ever read.”

– Christina Pfeiffer (Co-host of Mothers of Mayhem Podcast. Reviewer for Uncomfortably Dark Horror.)

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Your favorite classic authors tell their versions of the world’s filthiest joke!

This anthology is dedicated to the memory of Gilbert Gottfried, who brought the Aristocrats Joke out of the smoke-filled green rooms of comedy clubs and into the full illumination of public discourse. Royalties are going to Comedy Gives Back, our favorite charity for comics in need.

Featuring: Tom Bradley, KD Porch, M. Ennenbach, Dav Crabes, Regina Watts, Kevin Sweeney, Benzo Monroe, Gary Shipley, Sean Kilpatrick, Ben Arzate, and Justin Isis.

Cooter – Christina Pfeiffer

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Lindsay wakes from a wet dream to every girl’s worst nightmare – a zombie rat named Cooter has taken up residence in her panty hamster!

Will sacrificing Mark, her vegan boyfriend, be enough to satisfy the vicious cravings of Lindsay’s undead guest or will she be forced to do something truly unthinkable?

What comes next will have even the most seasoned police officers hurling up their donuts.

We Don’t Care If You’re Offended – McHardy & Hawker

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McHardy & Hawker serve you up ten of the most brutal, extreme, satirical, non-politically correct short stories that you can imagine (or can’t imagine).

From mischievous morgue workers to mutant rabbits, a haunted transwoman to Buddy Holly’s parasitic twin, every unique tale pushes a topical boundary like it’s an old lady into the path of an oncoming bus.

Bizarre. Hilarious. Tragic. Completely uncensored. The gruesome duo’s first anthology is a feast of literary filth that is certain to cement their reputation as splatterpunk kings.

And, if you are offended by any of the material contained within these pages, don’t bother complaining. McHardy & Hawker don’t care.

At The End Of It All – Suzanne Craig-Whytock

Potter’s Grove Press is pleased to announce the release of Suzanne Craig-Whytock’s newest short story collection At The End Of It All: Stories From The Shadows.

Enter a surreal landscape of the twisted and unusual. Wander through the echoing corridors of old manor houses, explore dead cities and hidden rooms, and dance with menacing marionettes. Lyrical, haunting, and occasionally humorous, At The End Of It All is a collection of twenty-seven stories that explore joy and sorrow, gratitude and grief, and hatred and desire. Open the cover, feast on the stories inside…and if you’re lucky, Mr. Death just might show up for dessert.

Foreword by Steven Baird

Available now in eBook and paperback.

Dog Meat – Priscilla Bettis

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Kalb Ward slaughters dogs for the Colony, a closed, dystopian society where resources are tight, free speech is nonexistent, and those in power have eyes and ears everywhere. Ward desperately wants to quit his grisly job, but he knows he’ll be arrested, or worse, if he tries.

In the Colony, a citizen’s future is determined by a placement exam. Score high, and you’re set for life. Score low, and you end up living a nightmare–like Ward.

Li Ling, the love of Ward’s youth, scored high, and she’s a local celebrity now, far out of his reach. Meanwhile, his neighbor’s son is making a series of disastrous decisions as his own exam rapidly approaches.

Can Ward bridge the social divide and win back Li Ling? Can he help the neighbor’s son avoid a future as grim as his own? Can he escape the Colony’s oppressive rule and, if he’s very lucky, bring down the whole horrific system in the process?

You know what they say: Every dog has his day.

And Ward’s day is coming.

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